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What Are the 4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Padel Racket?

Before you start playing padel, the first thing you ask is, how to choose a padel tennis racket? Well, to help answer that question we have listed out the 4 most important factors to consider when choosing a padel racket.

Padel Racket

Four key factors that impacts your padel racket selection

To know which racket is right for you, you must first understand the four aspects of padel rackets. These include weight of the racket, balance it offers, shape of the racket and material used to build it.

All of these factors impact your style and technique of playing. Not only that, but choosing the right racket assists you in improving your skills as a beginner. Let’s a take a detailed look at how each of factors contribute to your padel racket choice:

Racket Factors Specifications
Weight of the Racket Ranges between 345 grams – 375 grams
Balance of the Racket Low Balance Mid Balance High Balance
Racket Shape Round Shaped Teardrop Shaped Diamond Shaped
Materials Used to Build the Racket Carbon Fiber Surface Fiberglass Surface

Weight of the racket

When it comes to weight, padel rackets can weigh anywhere from 345 grams to 375 grams. We recommend lightweight rackets for beginners. Rackets that weigh below 355 grams are suitable for those who are in the process of learning and adapting to the dynamics of the sport.

On the other, heavier rackets are most definitely the best choice for skilled padel players to use. Rackets with weight above 360 grams, are perfect for pro players to use and deliver accurate swings.

Balance of the racket

Factors to Choose Padel

Racket balance is directly related to its shape. Therefore to help you choose a racket that offers one of three balance types, that is mid-balance, low balance and high balance here’s what you need to know:

  • Low balance rackets: When the weight is placed closer to the handle, that’s when it’s referred to as low balance rackets. Low balance rackets have a higher degree of control and are generally observed in round shaped rackets. Rackets like the Bandeja Fusion Racket, Panther Series EPIC, and Slazenger Padel Challenge No. 4 are amongst the most popular choices for low balance rackets.
  • Mid-balance rackets: As the name suggests, these rackets offer medium balance. The weight in these rackets are present in the area below the head and above the handle. Most teardrop shaped rackets offer mid-balance as compared to other racket shapes. Some of the popular mid-balanced rackets include Bandeja Xenon, Wilson Blade X Britto, and Wilson Ultra Elite V2.
  • High balance rackets: Weight placed at the head of a padel racket is known as high balance rackets. These are found in rackets that have a diamond shape, and offer great power and control. Bandeja Arkham is a prime example of diamond shaped rackets.

Racket shape

Padel rackets come in three shapes which include, diamond, round and teardrop. As mentioned above these different shapes have varied weight distribution resulting in different balance points. Following are the shapes and the benefits that you can derive by choosing between these rackets:

  • Round shaped rackets: Also referred to as control rackets, round padel rackets are known to have a perfect placement spot within its surface area. Round rackets offer low balance and are ideal for beginners as well as other players.
  • Diamond shaped rackets: If you want to deliver powerful strikes, diamond shaped rackets are your best choice. These rackets are perfect for professional players who wish to refine their smash shots. Its high balance placed closer to the head enables players to deliver powerful swings. Perhaps, a single drawback to these types of rackets is the lack of control. With weight being placed on the top of the racket, players are required to maintain a firm grip on the handle, which can result in reduced control.

“Picking the right padel racket is important, as it shapes your method of playing”

  • Teardrop shaped rackets: a combination of the above two racket types, teardrop rackets are considered the most well balanced padel rackets to play with. Not only are they perfectly balanced, but also provide exceptional control and power while playing. Generally, these rackets are preferred by experienced players, since they are required to exert minimum power during the match.

Materials used to build the racket

Play Padel

You may wonder how to choose a padel tennis racket based on the materials it’s made out of. Therefore, the points mentioned below will help you answer that question:

  • Carbon fiber racket: These rackets are categorized as hard surface rackets. They offer minimal flexibility and bounce, but where they excel is in durability and rigidity. Carbon fiber rackets are light in weight and come in different levels of hardness. These rackets vary in stiffness running from 3K, 6k and 12K carbon surfaces. Another point to note is that these rackets are more expensive compared to your conventional rackets. This is mostly because of the use of carbon fiber which in itself is an expensive material. Popular carbon fiber rackets include the Slazenger Panther Series EPIC, Panther Series Icon, and the Wilson Bela Pro.

“Padel is an extremely engaging sport, that can not help you elevate your health but also build a great social circle”

  • Fiberglass rackets: Also known as soft rackets, the fiberglass material on these padel rackets offer great flexibility and bounce. These racket types absorb force effectively and distribute it throughout the surface resulting in a greater rebound. Since these rackets are built using fiberglass, they are light and easy to play with and are a great fit for beginners to start with. Moreover, fiberglass rackets are relatively more affordable when compared to carbon rackets. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a good beginner racket, consider options like the Open Black Fluorescent Green, and the Donnay Tiffany Light.

Choose the perfect racket and enhance your padel experience

Now that we have answered your question on how to choose a padel tennis racket. It’s time for you to try out these different racket styles and gauge which one suits you perfectly. Padel Park offers you the chance to play the exciting sport of padel across two locations in Dubai, so without any further ado, pick up your rackets and hit the padel court today.

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