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We aim to create a real Padel community that can engage and interact in the right place.

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The Ripe Market

Academy Park, Umm Suqueim Rd

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Play Padel Tennis in Dubai

Padel Park offers amazing Padel courts in Dubai for all sport enthusiasts. We provide several packages, private and group coaching and matchmaking services. Our courts can be found in the heart of Dubai, open for all the players, fulfilling the needs of the tennis players. With the rising demand for Padel, we have all the equipment you need. Book a court, and get ready to smash in the game.

The Ripe Market

Academy Park, Umm Suqueim Rd

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Service Offerings

Junior Coaching

Group Coaching

Private Coaching

Tournaments (Ladies & Mixed)

What is a Padel?

Padel is the combination of squash and tennis that is ideally played in teams of two. The game is played with Padel bats that have a short handle in comparison with the tennis rackets.

The Padel game starts with a serve from one player who has to stand with both of his feet outside the line. As per the Padel rules, the ball should hit anywhere inside the diagonal box first. After bouncing on the floor, within the box, it can hit the glass but can not hit the fence as it is a foul.

One important rule is that the ball must hit the floor first before it goes toward the players or touches the glass wall. In Padel, you can also hit the ball on your own side of the glass but not on the fence.

Why Padel is getting popular

Padel in Dubai is popular because of the simple gameplay and quick access to the courts. The precise ground rules and few practice sessions make the individual turn into a classic Padel player. It is effortless to understand the rules because they are very concise, and most of them are naturally understandable by the players.

Well Maintained Courts – WPT standards

Optimal Sounding Condition Of Glass Walls

Video Recording & Streaming

Well lit Courts During Day & Night

Trained Coaches

Coaching for across Age limits

Refreshments & Lounge

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Clean Courts



First Aid


Covid Safety

Why Padel Park Dubai?

play padel dubai

Padel Park is the ultimate choice as we offer multiple facilities such as matchmaking, coaching sessions, and tournaments. You can bring along your friend to play in teams, or Padel Park will provide you with a team if you don’t have one. Once you enter the place, you will become a part of an amazing community that will not only make you feel welcome but will keep you motivated for the gameplay.

We understand the needs that padel players have. Here you will find the easy booking process. Our courts are present at two locations and can easily be booked online. In case of any query, you can always contact us.

An amazing community of padel players

Getting yourself registered in the gameplay would automatically make you a part of the padel community. There are various competitions, tournaments, and leagues that you can be a part of. Once you become a part of Padel Park, you will get to know some amazing padel players. These competitions and leagues also make the matches more exciting and lively.


Padel Park offers all the services needed from the padel courts in Dubai. It covers all the things you require to be in a competitive field. Look at the offers below and choose what suits you the best.

Booking of a court

We have two branches where you can book a court as per your convenience. Booking is done throughout our website. Just select the court you want to play in and you will see all the available slots. The court can be booked for one hour, one and a half hour or for two hours.

padel court

You can make your bookings one month prior or even on the day of the game by selecting the available slots. Log in using your Google or Facebook account, and complete the payment to confirm your slot.


Not having a partner cannot stop you from playing. Our service of matchmaking helps connect people together to make groups. These teams are made on the basis of the skill set of the players. They can also let us know about their personal preferences like playing with the same or different age group and gender.

If you have just moved to Dubai and do not have enough connections to make a team then we have you covered. With few games only you can form up your own padel team.


practicing padel

We offer the service of coaching to all the players; whether you are a beginner or an expert who wants to take the game to another level, we have you covered. At Padel Park, there are private coaching sessions, group coaching sessions, and semi-private sessions. Make a booking at the site, and the coach will be ready to assist you in every possible manner.



To make your game experience more competitive, we offer multiple tournaments. You can enter directly into the tournament with your own team or the one that we can create for you with our matchmaking service.

Team Building activities

Having a strong team plays a major role in games like Padel where two people have to work together to score a win. This is why Padel Park offers multiple types of team-building activities that allow you to understand your partner better. With this, the coaches can also guide you to get a game style that better suits you and your partner.

Junior Padel School

training juniors

The early you start, the better. This is why we also allow you to enroll your kids who are above 2 years of age. With the Junior Padel training, the children will be able to pick up the skills faster. As they grow up, they will be ready for tournaments sooner than their peers.

Social Games

Padel is not just a game that has to be played seriously. When you are not in the mood for a competitive match, we can even arrange social games for you on request. These games can come in really helpful for relaxing your mind and having fun at birthday parties.

Contact and location

start playing padel

  1. The Ripe Market – Academy Park. Umm Suqeim, Dubai
    Timings: From 6 am to 12 am
    Call: +971 58 590 8921
  2. The Pointe West, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
    Timings: From 6 am to 2 am
    Call: +971 58 594 1789

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Frequently Asked Questions about Padel Park

Is Padel easy to learn?

Absolutely, Padel is famous for its simple rules. One game is enough for you to learn all the rules.

Are Padel and tennis the same games?

No, Padel is more like a simplified version of tennis.

Can Padel be played in 1v1?

Yes, it can be played as singles but ideally, the game is designed for four players in a team of two.

Can I play Padel on the tennis court?

Tennis courts are large in size and it is very difficult to play Padel on these courts.

What is the size of a Padel court?

The standard size of Padel courts is 20m long and 10m wide.

How to keep score in Padel?

In Padel, the scoring system is similar to tennis. There are six games and a team has to win two sets of games to win the entire game. All the other rules are similar to tennis.

Do I need to bring in my own rackets and ball?

At Padel Park, you will get all the necessary equipment you need. In case you prefer to play with your own racket, feel free to bring it along.

How much does Padel Park charge for one hour?

Padel Park charges AED 200 for one hour at The Ripe Market branch and AED 220 per hour at The Pointe West branch.

Can I book the court at the location?

Absolutely. If the courts are free, we can book it for you on the spot and let you in. But we still recommend that you book the court online.

How much is Padel in Dubai?

Padel in Dubai starts from AED 75 per player for one hour.

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