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Padel Rackets in Dubai

We deal with brands like Donnay, Bandeja, Wilson, Joma, and Slazenger to bring you the most popular padel rackets in Dubai. Find out about the rackets we offer and the importance of getting a proper racket.

Padel Park – Your one-stop padel racket online store

Padel Rackets in Dubai

Play padel in Dubai today using the top rackets from leading racket brands. Padel park offers you high-quality rackets to help you enhance your padel playing capabilities. Our inventory of rackets ranges from beginner to professional level rackets. Therefore, to assist you in making a better choice, we have put together all the details of the best padel tennis rackets in Dubai:

  • Donnay
  • Bandeja
  • Wilson
  • Joma
  • Slazenger


Leading tennis players like Björn Borg and Rod Laver, have been associated with Donnay, one of the world’s most reputed padel accessory brands. The company specializes in producing sophisticated padel rackets for both beginners and pro-level players.

They currently produce seven different types of rackets that vary in terms of weight, shape, core type, and balance. Here are some basic details of all the Donnay rackets we have:

Donnay Racket Models Racket Prices Build Balance Racket Weight (Grams)
Afterglow AED 749 3K Carbon Head Heavy 365 – 375 grams
Blaze AED 499 Fiberglass Mid Balance 355 – 365 grams
Cyborg Pro Iceman White AED 999 18K Carbon Mid Balance 365 – 375 grams
Cyborg Pro Pitch Black AED 999 18K Carbon Mid Balance 365 – 375 grams
Eclipse 3K AED 749 3K Carbon Mid Balance 355 grams
Luna Light AED 499 Fiberglass Mid Balance 345 grams
Tiffany Light AED 499 Fiberglass Head Heavy 345 – 355 grams


A homegrown brand based in the UAE, Bandeja, is named after one of padel’s most complicated shots. Currently, the company offers a few different types of rackets, of which we have chosen the top ones for sale. Here’s everything you need to know about all the Bandeja racket models we offer:

Bandeja Racket Models Racket Prices Core Shape Racket Weight (Grams)
Arkham Racket AED 550 Pro Eva Diamond 360 – 370 grams
Fusion Racket AED 550 Soft Eva Round 345 – 355 grams
Xenon AED 980 Black Soft Eva Tear Drop 345 – 355 grams


Padel Racket

When it comes to the top padel rackets in Dubai, Wilson is definitely on that list. The brand is known for producing gears, rackets, and other accessories for multiple other sports, including padel.

“Choosing the right padel racket can significantly improve your padel match.”

Wilson padel rackets are of top quality and are mostly targeted towards pro-level players. Moreover, these rackets can still be used by beginners to improve their swing and come to grips with playing padel like a pro. Mentioned below are some of the specifications of Wilson rackets we offer:

Wilson Racket Models Racket Prices Shape Racket Weight (Grams)
Blade Junior AED 480 Tear Drop 300 grams
Blade X Britto – Elite AED 1,500 Tear Drop 365 grams
Blade X Britto – Team AED 1,100 Tear Drop 370 grams
Minions Blade Junior – Eye AED 595 Tear Drop 300 grams
Minions Blade Junior – Face AED 595 Tear Drop 300 grams
Bela Pro AED 2,000 Diamond 370 grams
Ultra Elite V2 AED 970 Diamond 361 grams
Ultra Team V2 AED 720 Diamond 370 grams


If you are looking to buy reasonably priced padel tennis rackets in Dubai, Joma rackets are a great option. All these rackets are lightweight, have attractive color schemes, and are suitable for beginners. Here are all the details you should know about Joma rackets:

Joma Racket Models Racket Prices Shape Balance Racket Weight (Grams)
Open Black Fluorescent Turquoise AED 550 Tear Drop Mid Balance 360 – 380 grams
Master Black Fluorescent Green AED 650 Round High Balance 360 – 380 grams
Master Black Fluorescent Turquoise AED 650 Round High Balance 360 – 380 grams
Open Black Fluorescent Green AED 550 Tear Drop Mid Balance 360 – 380 grams
Slam Pro Black Fluorescent Coral AED 750 Round Low Balance 360 – 370 grams


Another popular British sports brand, Slazenger, is known for producing equipment, clothing, and accessories for a range of different sports. The company offers a wide selection of premium padel rackets as well. All of their rackets have an optimized weight distribution and are most suited for professional players. Mentioned below are the key highlights of all the Slazenger rackets we offer:

Slazenger Racket Models Racket Prices Build Balance Racket Weight (Grams)
Panther Series Epic AED 1,775 12K Carbon Mid Balance 360 – 375 grams
Panther Series Icon AED 1,825 12K Carbon High Balance 360 – 375 grams
Padel Challenge No.1 AED 1,350 12K Carbon Mid Balance 360 – 375 grams
Padel Challenge No.2 AED 1,295 12K Carbon Mid Balance 360 – 375 grams
SLZ Light AED 900 Graphite Headlight Balance 345 grams
Padel Challenge No.3 AED 1,145 6K Carbon Mid Balance 360 – 365 grams
Padel Challenge No.4 AED 1,095 3K Carbon Mid Balance 350 grams

Why it’s important to get the right racket

Best Rackets to Play Padel

The difference in material, balance, and shape contributes to your playing style. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right padel racket that suits your requirements. To help you better understand the best rackets for padel and which one you should choose. We have put together the important factors to look out for.

  • Padel racket balance
  • The shape of the racket
  • Padel racket surface
  • The core of the racket

Padel racket balance

The stability of a racket while swinging is what a racket balance refers to. A racket balance is determined based on the shape of the racket and are divided into three types:

  • Low balance
  • Mid balance
  • High balance

Low balance

When the weight is heavier towards the handle, that’s when it’s described as low balance. This balance results in a higher degree of control and is suitable for beginner players. Rackets that have a round surface are most likely to have a low balance.

Mid balance

Teardrop-shaped rackets have a mid-balance control. The weight is present between the head of the racket and its handle. Pro-level players prefer using these rackets, as they require some skills to play with.

High balance

Rackets with a diamond shape are heavier towards their head and are referred to as a high balance or height balanced racket. These rackets deliver proper control and power and are suitable for all kinds of players.

The shape of the racket

Carbon Padel Racket

Padel racket shapes result in the balance of a racket. Racket shapes are also categorized into three types:

  • Diamond shaped racket
  • Round racket
  • Teardrop shaped racket

Diamond shaped racket

Also referred to as power rackets, diamond-shaped rackets are suitable for experienced players. These rackets deliver more power and lesser control as compared to other forms of rackets.

Round racket

These rackets have a larger surface area and are suitable for all levels of players, including beginners. Round rackets provide more control while playing and are the most common form of rackets used.

Teardrop shaped racket

A teardrop racket is a combination of a round racket and a diamond-shaped one. These racket types are also referred to as balanced rackets with mid-balance. Therefore these rackets provide maximum power and control. These rackets are mostly preferred by skilled players, who already have great control over their swings.

Padel racket surface

The degree of rigidity of a racket surface is also another critical aspect when choosing the right racket. Racket surfaces are of two types, which include:

  • Soft surface rackets
  • Hard surface rackets

Soft surface rackets

Soft padel rackets are made using highly absorbent fiberglass. This particular material delivers great bounce and flexibility. These rackets are suitable to return aggressive shots and are recommended for beginner players.

Hard surface rackets

Made out of carbon fiber, hard surface rackets are relatively less flexible and more expensive when compared to soft surface rackets. Carbon fiber rackets are also more durable than soft rackets. These rackets vary in degree, like 3K, 6K, and 12K carbon fiber surfaces.

The core of the Racket

Top Padel Rackets

Core refers to the rubber material that is used to build the surface of a racket. There are two types of padel core’s which are:

  • EVA
  • Foam


EVA rubber is most commonly used in padel rackets today. The material has proven to be highly durable when compared to foam.


One of the most flexible materials used, foam, is not only soft but also cheaper to use. It is used in entry-level rackets and offers good flexibility.

Frequently asked questions about Padel rackets in Dubai

Where can I buy the best padel rackets in the UAE?

At Padel Park we offer a wide range of padel rackets to choose from produced by some of the leading sports brands in the world.

What are the different shapes of padel rackets?

Padel rackets come in three different shapes, which include round, teardrop, and diamond shape.

Do padel rackets affect your way of playing?

Definitely, since rackets differ in terms of shape, balance, and core type, the choice of racket affects your way of playing.

Are padel rackets made out of fiberglass?

Yes, padel rackets are made out of fiberglass. The material offers lightweight and exceptional flexibility.

Why are padel rackets expensive?

Padel rackets made out of carbon fiber are particularly expensive when compared to fiberglass rackets. These rackets are rigid and durable and hence fetch a high price in the market.

What is the lifespan of a padel racket?

Typically padel rackets last for around 12 to 16 months. The durability depends on the brand of choice, materials used, and the style of playing.

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