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Padel Park Costs in Dubai

Padel Park Dubai has multiple courts in the city and offers courts for single and group players. We also conduct coaching sessions for enthusiasts willing to learn the sport. Here’s a detailed breakdown of Padel Park Costs in Dubai.

The Ripe Market
Standard Court
60 min 90 min 120 min
Per Player
Per Court

Coaching sessions from Padel Experts to grow and become professional

We offer private 1-on-1 lessons or semi-private lessons for 2 or more people. Our coaches are formerly ranked professional Padel players and can teach you how to play padel or take your game to the next level. Book your lesson now and get a leg up on the competition!

Group Coaching

Group Coaching sessions not only help players to learn the game better but also allows them to better understand how to play in a team. It elevates their skills of playing with a partner. This also further intensifies the practice sessions that are followed by the coaching.

Private Coaching

In case you are a complete beginner, Padel Park also offers private coaching sessions. Under these, you will be directly working with the coach without any interference from other players. With this, players can learn the sport faster and understand its rules better before they play with teammates and opponents.

Coaching Session Rates

All Day

AED 400 per person

AED 450 (225 each) for 2

AED 525 (175 each) for 3

AED 580 (145 each) for 4

AED 600 (120 each) for 5

6pm – 11pm

AED 400 per person

AED 450 (225 each) for 2

AED 525 (175 each) for 3

AED 580 (145 each) for 4

6am – 6pm

AED 300 per person

AED 350 (175 each) for 2

AED 420 (140 each) for 3

AED 480 (120each) for 4

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Baby Padel 2-3 Years old
Mini Reds 4-5 Years old
Mini Orangers 6-8 Years old
Mini Greens 9-11 Years old
Teen League 12-16 Years old
AED 95 for all age groups Book Now

Padel tennis court costs

Three different time slots are allocated at padel park courts, 60 min, 90min, and 120 min. The padel court prices vary in terms of time slots and are also charged differently based on per player and per court basis.

padel rates in dubai

Standard court (The Pointe West)

The Pointe West court, located at Palm Jumeirah Dubai, operates from 6 AM to 2 AM. Padel Park offers options for double and single players at this location and the court rates are as mentioned below.

The Pointe West
Double – 4 Players
60 min 90 min 120 min
Per Player AED 80 AED 100 AED 125
Per Court AED 320 AED 400 AED 500

Single/Mini court

The Pointe West
Single – 2 Players
60 min 90 min 120 min
Per Player AED 100 AED 120 AED 150
Per Court AED 200 AED 240 AED 300

Standard court (Ripe Market)

The Ripe Market court, located at Academy Park, Umm Suqeim, Dubai, operates from 6 AM to 12 AM. Prices for a session at the court are mentioned below.

Ripe Market
Padel Court Prices
60 min 90 min 120 min 180 min
Per Player AED 75 AED 85 AED 110 AED 165
Per Court AED 300 AED 340 AED 440 AED 660

Padel Park coaching session rates

Padel Park Dubai is offering you the opportunity to learn from leading padel experts who will guide you to help you refine your skills. This will allow you to compete against professional players in the future. We offer one-on-one private sessions or semi-private sessions for 2 or more players. Our coaches include formerly trained and high-ranking professional padel players. We offer two different types of coaching sessions:

  • Group coaching session
  • Private coaching session

Group coaching session

Group coaching is basically a team-based learning session. The coaching session is conducted for a set of two teams with 2 players in each team. It specifically helps you understand coordination with other players and elevates your skills of playing with partners. Group coaching can be booked for 60 min, 90 min and 120 min sessions.

Private coaching session

padel park cost in dubai

If you are a complete beginner to the sport, Padel Park offers dedicated private coaching sessions. Under these sessions, you will learn directly from the coach to better understand the sport before you play with teammates.

Coaching session rates

The coaching session rates vary based on their timings and the number of participants. Here is a breakdown of coaching prices by Padel Park Dubai.

Standard court (Ripe Market)

The Ripe Market court, located at Academy Park, Umm Suqeim, Dubai, operates from 6 AM to 12 AM. Prices for a session at the court are mentioned below:

Timings Number of Participants
Per Person 2 Persons 3 Persons 4 Persons 5 Persons
6 PM – 11 PM AED 400 AED 450 (225 each) AED 525 (175 each) AED 580 (145 each) AED 600 (120 each)
6 AM – 6 PM AED 300 AED 350 (175 each) AED 420 (140 each) AED 480 (120 each) AED 500 (100 each)

Junior Padel School – Group coaching classes

Padel Park Dubai also hosts padel coaching sessions for beginners to understand and enjoy the sport as they go along. The junior padel school program includes the following categories:

  • Baby Padel – 2 to 3 years old
  • Mini Reds – 4 to 5 years old
  • Mini Orangers – 6 to 8 years old
  • Mini Greens – 9 to 11 years old
  • Teen League – 12 to 16 years old

The padel coaching rate is set as standard across all age groups, charging a rate of AED 95.

Frequently asked questions about Padel Park Dubai

How much does coaching cost at Padel Park in Dubai?

Padel park coaching rates vary based on time slots and number of participants. Prices start at AED 300 and goes up to AED 600.

What are the standard court rates at Padel Park?

The standard court rates at Padel Park Dubai starts at AED 55 per player. In case you choose to book the whole cort, the prices start at AED 200. The prices can go up depending on the time slots.

What are the costs for the junior padel program?

Padel coaching session for junior players from the age of 2 years to 16 years is set at AED 95.

What are the time slots available at Padel Park in Dubai?

The time slots available at Padel Park Dubai are 60 min, 90 min and 120 min. Prices per player and double players depend on the time slots you choose.

How do I pay for my padel session?

You can easily pay for your desired padel session by clicking book now on the Padel Park website. It will direct you to the Playtomic portal from where you can make the payment using your debit or credit card.

How much does a 60 min Padel session cost?

A 60 min session at Padel Park Dubai for 4 players costs AED 55 per person and for 2 players costs AED 75 per person at The Pointe West court. The Ripe Market court rates for a 60 min session is AED 60 per player.

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