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What Is Wrist Pronation in Padel Tennis and How Do I Play It?

When it comes to playing padel, there are several required methods or styles of playing that you will need to adapt. Learning these techniques will help you improve your game substantially. One such method of playing is referred to as wrist pronation. This particular technique comes into play during service and has specific dynamics that must be carefully understood. This article provides a detailed guide to wrist pronation and how to play it.

Wrist Pronation

Padel tennis pronation

Padel tennis wrist pronation refers to rotating your wrist from a palm-up position to a palm-down position while serving the ball. This particular technique of wrist movement is used to generate maximum force while smashing a padel serve.

How to pronate your wrist while serving in padel

Using a continental grip while playing padel will provide maximum wrist mobility. It will enable you to maintain the correct grip over your racket while allowing you the flexibility to point it in the right direction.

Pronation on the forehand will enable the ball to roll over the racket face generating what is known as a topspin. Pronating your wrists on the backhand creates another form of spin known as slice spin.

Practice tips for pronating your wrists while playing padel

Optimize your padel smash

You can practice wrist pronation effortlessly and effectively. All you need is a padel racket, a ball, and a wall. Following is the step-by-step method for practicing the technique of wrist pronation.

  • If you are in a padel court, stand close to the back glass (you can do this with a wall as well, elsewhere)
  • Toss the ball upwards toward the glass
  • Make sure you are holding your racket in the continental grip for maximum mobility
  • As the ball comes downwards, catch the ball between your padel racket and the glass or wall surface
  • Repeat this drill over and over until you have a good understanding of how to accurately hold the ball in place
  • Practice this method to refine your skill of wrist pronation

What happens when you don’t pronate your wrists?

You are most likely to hit the ball with its spin or frame if you do not pronate your wrists while holding the racket in a continental grip. Most players chose to change their racket grip to a tennis forehand to ensure that their racket face is pointed forward while smashing the ball.

When you constantly change your grip, you end up hitting flat smashes. On the other hand, learning to pronate your wrists gives you more versatility while smashing the ball and provides better directional control.

Things to note while pronating your wrists

One of the most common errors players make while pronating their wrists is to change their grip. Many players take a step back, preparing for their smash, during which they change their grip serving a flat smash. This happens so fast that certain players do not realize their change in grip.

Therefore, while playing padel, it is important to be mindful of your racket grip in order to deliver the most effective smash. Pronating your wrists requires proper practice and complete awareness while playing.

Other padel playing techniques to deliver an effective smash

Apart from what we discussed above, there are a few other tactics to consider to deliver the most effective smash. Following are some of the additional tips and tricks to consider while playing padel.

  • The seesaw technique
  • Leg thrust
  • Do not stand too far

The seesaw technique

While smashing the ball in padel, the engagement of your forearm and wrists isn’t enough. A pro player will take advantage of the body weight as well while delivering a smash. In order to achieve this, a player must position themselves below the ball, lean backward to gain maximum thrust, and swing the racket.

Leg thrust

Positioning your legs perfectly is also key to pushing upwards while smashing. Bending your legs and jumping to smash will help you deliver a powerful smash. Player Juan Lebron has shown exceptional skill while playing this particular technique.

Do not stand too far

Positioning yourself away from the net will not enable you to smash the ball effectively. Therefore, in order to make the most of your smash, it is best to stay closer to the net.

Wrist Pronation Technique

Wrist pronation: Optimize your padel smash

Padel is an extremely physical sport that engages all your muscles. In order to improve your game, constant practice is required, especially with some of the intricate tactics. Mastering wrist pronation can substantially improve your ability to place your smashes accurately.

Learning different techniques can be vastly beneficial for players who are just getting started in padel. We work with professional players who have garnered years of experience playing the sport. Their skill sets can help you enhance your game of padel.

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