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Things You Didn't Know About Padel Tennis

Padel tennis or Padel is a racquet sport that combines parts of tennis and squash and is played on an enclosed court with paddles and a special ball. This sport originates in Mexico and has since spread throughout Latin America, Spain, and Europe, with millions of global players. This blog has some key things to know about Padel.

Things You Didn't Know About Padel Tennis

Interesting facts about Padel Tennis

There are several important things about Padel that even the biggest sports enthusiasts may not know and mix with Tennis and Squash. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Invented by Enrique Corcuera
  • It’s played on an enclosed court
  • Padel balls are unique
  • The paddles are also unique
  • A social sport
  • Low-impact sport
  • Different scoring system
  • Globally played
  • It’s a growing sport
  • Has its own professional tour

Invented by Enrique Corcuera

A Mexican businessman Enrique Corcuera was looking for a sport that he could play easily in a small area. Very smartly he blended tennis and squash and invented Padel.

It’s played on an enclosed court

Padel is played on an enclosed court with walls. A padel court is about 20×10 meters with a net in the center. Interestingly, the walls are also part of the game and scoring.

Padel balls are unique

Even if they are similar in size to tennis balls, padel balls are a lot softer and less bouncy, so they are easy to control and great for hitting accurate shots.

Padel Tennis Facts

The paddles are also unique

Padel paddles are foamy with holes in the surface. Its design helps improve the speed and control of shots and reduces the stress on the player’s arm.

A social sport

Padel is played in doubles so you can enjoy it with friends and family. Your close ones are there in the closed court to watch the match and cheer for you.

Low-impact sport

The soft balls and foam paddles make it easier on the joints than tennis and squash making it a great sport regardless of age and fitness level.

Different scoring system

In Padel, the team that wins six games first wins the set. Regardless, each game has different scoring as only the serving team can score points.

Globally played

Invented in Mexico, it is now played in over 80 countries, particularly popular in Spain, where you’ll find more than 10,000 courts.

It’s a growing sport

Padel is gaining huge popularity; as a result, it is set to become an Olympic sport soon, increasing its exposure.

Has its own professional tour

There are professional Padel tours with tournaments held internationally. The top-level tour is The World Padel Tour where the best global players compete for prize money and rankings.

Interesting Facts About Padel Tennis

Rules to play Padel Tennis

The basic gameplay in Padel involves two teams with two players each and the ball is hit back and forth across a net using paddles. Following are some key rules and guides for playing:

Particulars Description
Court Size 10m wide x 20m long
Scoring There are points given for each rally won. A game is played to 9 points, and the match is best-of-three games.
Serving Underhand serving. The ball hit the opponent’s service box diagonally across the net and must bounce once before being returned
Return The ball has to bounce once before it’s hit and it should not touch walls or ceilings before bouncing.
Let If the ball hits the net during the serve and lands in the correct service box then the serve is retaken
Double Bounce Rule Each team must let the ball bounce once before hitting it, then can hit on the volley
Walls Ball can be played off walls, but must still bounce once before being returned
Faults A fault is called if the ball goes out of bounds hits the net and fails to cross over or is hit out of bounds.
Etiquette Players should avoid hindering opponents, hitting the ball excessively hard or dangerously close to opponents

Tips to get started with Padel: Beginner’s guide

Now when you are down to read this far, we’re sure you really wish to give Padel a shot. If being a beginner makes you hesitant, fret not. We have a few tips that come in handy when you plan to get started:

  • Take lessons
  • Invest in quality equipment
  • Practice your footwork
  • Have fun

Take lessons

It’s good to sign up for beginner lessons at a sports club. An experienced instructor will help you learn the basic rules, techniques and tips for improving your game.

Invest in quality equipment

While you’re at it, start with owning good quality equipment that’s comfortable in your hand and fits your playing style. You can also rent it but we recommend buying it.

Padel Tennis Facts You Didn't Know

Practice your footwork

Hand movements are not enough. You also need to work on your footwork. More practice will help your agility in the game.

Have fun

In the end, Padel is a social sport that’s all about having a good time on the court and making new friends.

A growing sport that’s for everyone

Padel has become one of the fastest-growing international sports with more than 20 million Padel players around the world. The accessible, enclosed court, control-friendly paddles and the fact that anyone can enjoy it regardless of age and skill level has contributed to the rise and popularity of Padel. Also, it’s a team game and brings people together and therefore, more people join to have fun on the court giving their best shots.

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