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The Best Rackets for Padel

For padel players selecting the right racket is a crucial step. Since rackets vary in terms of quality, weight and dimension, choosing the perfect racket will enable you to play seamlessly. You can certainly deliver clean and powerful swings, based on the right balance and strength of your racket. In order to help you find the best rackets that suit your style of playing, we have put together a list of best padel rackets you can buy.

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Top rackets to play padel

Brands like Wilson, Slazenger, Bandeja and Donnay are among the top racket manufacturing companies in the world. These brands are known for producing pro level padel rackets for professional padel players and entry level rackets for beginners. The quality, fit and finish of these rackets is what makes them popular among padel players. According to us, here are some of the best racket models you should consider buying:

  • Wilson Bela Pro
  • Slazenger Padel Challenge No.1
  • Slazenger Panther Series Icon
  • Donnay Cyborg Pro Pitch Black
  • Bandeja Xenon
  • Wilson Ultra Elite V2
  • Donnay Luna Light

Wilson Bela Pro

Wilson Bela Pro is one of the best rackets as it was co-designed by professional padel player Fernando Belasteguin. It is a performance racket that delivers accurate control. The textured surface of the racket enables enhanced spin with every stroke.

Arrowhead pattern on the surface delivers excellent feel and grip. Wilson Bela Pro has a balance of 265 mm, a 38 mm beam, head size of 542 sq cm, and a total weight of 370 grams. It has a diamond shaped padel with a Firm EVA core type. The Bela Pro has a retail price of AED 2,000.

Slazenger Padel Challenge No.1

Challenge No. 1 is a hybrid-shaped racket that has an optimized weight of 370 grams. It has a hard EVA core and a 12K carbon surface. The mid-balance offers great power and speed. For entry level players looking for maximum speed and control, the panther grooves provide the perfect spin.

Slazenger Padel Challenge No.1 is the first of the challenger series. It has a head heavy balance with a hybrid padel shape. Price of the Challenge No.1 is AED 1,350.

Slazenger Panther Series Icon

The Panther Series Icon is a drop-shaped racket that has an optimized weight of 365 grams. It has a hard EVA core with a 12K carbon surface. The balance of the bat is focused more towards its top end therefore providing great speed and power during strokes.

This particular edition is the first of many more Panther rackets to come. You can buy the Slazenger Panther Series Icon for AED 1,825.

Padel rackets

Donnay Cyborg Pro Pitch Black

A recent addition to the Donnay series, the Cyborg Pro is one among the advanced-level rackets for padel. It has a medium EVA core with a weight of 365 gram. The racket has been optimized for superior control and power.

Donnay Cyborg Pro is made out of 18K carbon with exceptional balance. The design of the Cyborg Pro racket was inspired by former world no.1 tennis player, Björn Borg’s racket, the “Borg Pro.” The retail price of this pro-racket is AED 999.

Bandeja Xenon

The Xenon by Bandeja is a tear-drop shaped padel racket that offers precise control and power. Its core is built with a soft EVA which provides a firm grip and control during strokes. In addition, the Bandeja Xenon has a UAE flag signifying the fact that it is a homegrown business.

It has a lightweight and thickness of 38 mm, making it a suitable bat for beginner players to play with. The price for the Xenon is AED 980.

Wilson Ultra Elite V2

This powerful performance racket has a sleek design which is optimized to deliver lightweight power and feel. The design of the Ultra Elite V2 features a power pillar spanning through the handle placed to enhance stability during swings.

The lightweight of the racket has been achieved by integrating carbon fiberglass and soft EVA material. Dimensions of the Wilson Ultra Elite V2 includes a 23.9 sq c head size, 455 mm length, 38 mm thickness, and a total weight of 361 grams Prices for the Wilson Ultra Elite V2 in Dubai start at AED 970.

Donnay Luna Light

This lightweight racket has been optimized with a weight of 345 grams, making it a suitable racket for beginners to start on. The body of the racket has been made using soft-fiberglass material which also makes it lightweight.

It has a soft core with medium-balance which helps in smooth and powerful swings. The retail price of the Donnay Luna Light starts at AED 499.

“Wilson has historically been famed for making the most feelsome rackets on the market. Their Pro Staff line has been used by some of the most naturally talented players out there such as Roger Federer.”

Top rackets – Their weights and prices

Best Padel Rackets

While playing padel, it is important for players to choose the right racket that suits their playing style. To help you make a better choice we have listed all the top rackets, their weight, and prices:

Top Rackets To Play Padel Weight in Grams Prices
Wilson Bela Pro 370 grams AED 2,000
Slazenger Padel Challenge No.1 370 grams AED 1,350
Slazenger Panther Series Icon 365 grams AED 1,825
Donnay Cyborg Pro Pitch Black 365 grams AED 999
Bandeja Xenon 360 – 370 grams AED 980
Wilson Ultra Elite V2 361 grams AED 970
Donnay Luna Light 345 grams AED 499

Get the best rackets for padel

From the plethora of racket options available we have listed the top 7 rackets you should buy to improve your game of padel. Furthermore, getting the right racket that suits your method of playing enhances the overall experience of a padel match. Choose the best racket and ensure to enjoy your game of padel.

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