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Padel Tennis Fastest Growing Sport

Though it isn’t a part of the Olympics, Padel Tennis has had international tournaments. The first Padel Tennis tournament: The World Padel Series, began in 2013.

world fastest growing sport

Padel Tennis has just been recognized as a sport in the UK. Even though it won’t be a part of the 2024 Olympics, the world’s fastest growing sport will soon become a part of international tournaments because of its popularity and continues to gain worldwide, especially in the UAE.

Global Recognition of Padel Tennis

Being officially recognized as a sport by the UK in 2021, Padel will surely have many more playing spaces worldwide. Till now, the UK has around 82 Padel courts. However, since the sport is very sociable and easy to play, it is almost addicting.

The sport also gained traction during the pandemic when people wanted to interact with others while maintaining a safe distance.


Padel Tennis in the UAE

The first Padel Tennis Tournament in 2013 gained eyeballs from all over the world. The sport also caught the attention of the crown prince of Dubai, Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, a sports enthusiast. He introduced Padel in the UAE around the same time as The World Padel Series.

Since then, there has been a rise in Padel courts all over UAE. In just nine years, over 350 public and private Padel courts have been launched in the UAE, making it the fastest growing sport in UAE.

Reasons Why Padel is the World’s Fastest Growing Sport

Padel is a derivative of tennis and also adopts a walled court, like squash. Even though it is not an entirely new sport, it is addictive for several reasons.

Some of the reasons listed below show why Padel tennis has gained quite a large fan base, with more adding every day to the 18 million players worldwide.

Easy to Learn

The main reason that makes Padel such an attractive sport for people who are not very athletic is that it is easy to learn. Even though it is hard to master, Padel can be played at the intensity the players prefer.

Also, the colorful designs in Padel rackets, like this minion racket for kids, make learning and playing all the more fun.

Low Impact Game

In tennis, unless your legs move in a particular way, you cannot strike the ball accurately. With the walls covering the four sides of a Padel courtyard, the body has to move, but less strength is required.

It is a great cardio workout for the body but has a lower impact than other racket sports. A game of Padel burns around 600-1000 calories in an hour, making it great for people who love to move but are not truly athletic.

Space Requirements

Many venues in the UAE are accommodating Padel Tennis courts because of the lesser space required than tennis courts. As a result, many hotels have launched Padel courts for guests.

While these have played a considerable role in instigating an interest in Padel Tennis across UAE and international visitors, the experience of playing in a court like Padel Park’s The Pointe West, is wonderous.

So, you haven’t truly experienced Padel if you don’t play the fastest growing sport in UAE at a court that offers all the amenities.


Apart from the fact that Padel is easy to learn for players and easily accommodative by different venues, the sport is quite sociable.

The pandemic gave rise to the massive player base of Padel tennis because people were yearning for an opportunity to socialize.

In the UAE, the fact that people make friends on the Padel court in exquisite locations like Padel Park makes it a game that helps people to connect with others who are like-minded.

Padel might even become the new golf for businesspeople in the UAE as many friendships are developed in Padel courts. Therefore, negotiations after a friendly game of Padel is a good idea.


As people play the game, playing it with friends over the weekend becomes a lifestyle. After a game of Padel, friends have lunch or dinner and call it a day after a scrumptious meal.

Also, people are drawn towards self-care, and adopting an exercise routine after the pandemic also makes Padel a part of people’s lives.


padel vs tennis

Padel vs Tennis

Though Padel and Tennis might look similar, the hard, porous Padel racket, the scoring criteria, and the walled court are the main differences.


Padel is regarded as a cross between tennis and squash, but the level of flexibility in the choice of the Padel racket makes it a different game. For instance, a diamond-shaped racket is more appropriate for players who want assistance with power because of shorter swings.

Other racket shapes include tear-shaped and round rackets, which players choose according to their ability and preference for intensity in the game.

Padel’s racket also has a belt worn on the wrist because it is heavier than the usual tennis racket.


The Padel court is sandier than the tennis court. Therefore, the footwear also differs from that worn in a tennis match.

This blog describes the kind of shoes and other equipment you need to play Padel tennis correctly and comfortably.


The tennis court is open, which is why there is a need for a bigger space. The Padel court, like squash, has glass, concrete, or mesh walls on all four sides. The ball can also be played against the wall, adding another way to score points against the opponent.


The first team wins the set to reach six games while leading two games in advance, and the team wins the match to win two sets.

In tennis, the first player to win six games with a difference of two sets wins. Padel is won by the team leading in 2 games and six games in total. If you haven’t played Padel before, the rules might be a bit confusing at first. But you can always get coaching sessions at The Pointe West court or The Ripe Market.


Padel is more than just a game; it is an experience. For people who are just looking for some fun and to make new friends, Padel is a great activity.

Although different from tennis, Padel is easy to learn, and there is flexibility in choosing the racket, making the game best for people who want it to progress at their pace!

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