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The Science behind Padel Tennis Balls: A Complete Guide

Every sport that includes a tennis ball or a ball similar to that has a specific science to playing it right. Padel players practice for years to perfect their shots in order to deliver complex strikes and refine their game. You must understand a padel tennis ball in detail to improve your game of padel. Therefore, we have provided you with an in-depth guide to padel tennis balls and how to play them right.

Padel Tennis Balls

Padel tennis ball

A padel tennis ball looks quite similar to a regular tennis ball. However, there are some differences between them. Tennis balls are relatively larger than padel balls. In fact, the internal pressure of these balls also varies.

The internal pressure of a padel tennis ball is 11 psi, whereas the internal pressure of a regular tennis ball is 14 psi. What’s worth noting is that both these balls are manufactured by the same brand using the same materials but have varied pressure measurements.

Apart from internal pressure, the size of these balls also varies. A tennis ball has a diameter measuring anywhere between 6.5 cm to 6.8 cm. On the other hand, a padel ball has a diameter of anywhere from 6.3 cm to 6.7 cm.

The variation in size and internal pressure impacts the behavior of the ball while playing. Therefore, experienced tennis players find it easier to adapt to padel than new players learning padel tennis.

Dunlop Padel Tennis balls

Effects to apply to a padel tennis ball

Now that you have a basic understanding of a padel tennis ball. We can move on to exploring the essential tricks and techniques to apply on a padel tennis ball. Following are some of the most prominent methods of approach to refine your game of padel.

  • Backspin
  • Flat stroke
  • Slice shot
  • Topspin

These movements or techniques can be effectively described through a physical representation rather than a theoretical one. A specific technique used across any form of sport can be very well described through physical, in-person training instead of written descriptions.

It mainly implies to beginners who are just getting started with the sport. The most effective way to learn how to strike the ball and its impact is by attending training sessions with us.

Our professionally trained coaches can guide you through each step in detail to ensure proper learning, enabling you to perform better. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the nature and characteristics of a padel tennis ball, as it affects the way you play padel.

Effects to Apply to a Padel Tennis ball

Top padel ball brands you must know about

There are a plethora of companies that manufacture padel balls as part of their sports series offerings. From Wilson to Dunlop, the list of companies offering padel tennis balls is extensive. However, to help you pick the best padel tennis balls, here are the top padel ball brands you should know about.

Best Padel Balls and Their Price
Padel Ball Price in the UAE
Wilson X3 – 3 Ball Can AED 40
Slazenger Challenge No. 1 Ball AED 40
Head Pro Padel Ball Can AED 38
Wilson Padel Rush 100 Paddle Ball AED 30
Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty Padel Ball AED 81
Dunlop Sports Dunlop Pro Padel Ball AED 39
ZUSSET Padel Tennis Ball AED 55
Nox Box of 3 Pro Titanium Padel Ball AED 30
Babblat Unisex’s Balls Padel X3 Balls AED 24.5
Tecnifibre Team Padel Ball AED 94

The padel tennis ball models mentioned above are not in any particular order. We have listed these padel balls based on their marketing ratings and performance.

Therefore, if you are interested in buying a set of padel balls for practice or a game, consider the options mentioned above.

Wilson Padel Tennis balls

How to choose the right padel tennis ball?

You can choose a padel ball based on its speed type. Padel balls are of two types: high speed and normal speed. A high-speed ball is suitable for professional-level and intermediate players. These balls have better bounce and speed due to higher internal pressure.

On the other hand, normal speed balls are suitable for beginner players. These balls have lower internal pressure and are less bouncy than high-speed balls. Hence, beginner players start with normal-speed balls, making their way to high-speed balls over time.

Do padel tennis balls last longer?

Padel balls do not have a longer life span. The usage of a padel ball is based on its pressure retention and bounce. In most instances, padel players replace a padel tennis ball after one or two matches. Especially after a highly intensive game, a padel ball is frequently replaced.

When you open a set of new padel balls, you notice that they are packed in a pressurized canister. Once a canister is opened, the pressure of the ball instantly varies. From here on, as you play using the ball, the pressure keeps diminishing, making that padel tennis ball redundant.


Padel tennis ball: Understand the characteristics of the ball to perform better

A padel ball is a critical component of playing the padel sport. You must understand the characteristics of the ball in order to effectively play the sport. While beginners start with a specific type of padel tennis ball, pro-level players have the opposite preference.

Therefore, you must choose the right padel ball that you are comfortable playing with and consider aspects like its pressure and bounce to deliver the best shots. You can visit our padel courts for more details on padel sports and training.

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