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The Rise of Padel Tennis: How it's Making Its Way to the Olympics

As one of Dubai’s top padel clubs, we are proud to host such an exhilarating and engaging sport. Ever since we began our venture, we have witnessed a substantial growth in the popularity of padel, in and around Dubai. Padel experts and other sports enthusiasts associated with us are rooting for padel to reach the Olympiad platform. Find out more about padel and its journey into the Olympics.

Padel Olympics

Growing popularity of padel

Ever since padel was first introduced the sport has gathered substantial international attention. ‘Padel Olympics’ is something that has been going around for a long time in the padel sport community. Resembling the sport of tennis and squash, padel is one that is recognized for its engaging nature and method of play. The sport is widely known in the western countries including Europe, and has made its way to the Middle East.

Former tennis players have fondly spoken about padel and the exciting nature of the sport. Athletes who have been playing pro-tennis find it easier to adapt to the sport of padel. The fact that padel is relatively easy and arguably more entertaining, is what has led to its rapid development globally.

Padel fans around the world are eager to see their favorite sport played in one of the biggest sporting tournaments, the Summer Olympics. There is an active ongoing effort that international associations are involved in, to get the sport to this major event.

Padel Olympics requirements

Padel Olympics: Entering the highest level of international multi-sport tournament

One of the oldest and largest international sporting events is the Summer Olympics. Having started in the year 1896, Olympics has gained significant prominence and is regarded as the most crucial sporting tournament worldwide.

Any sport that is represented and played during this event holds great value. This is exactly what international padel associations are trying to achieve for the sport of padel.

With the number of padel players currently involved, it’s only a matter of time before this major event hosts padel as one of its official games.

Why is padel not an Olympic sport yet?

There is one specific reason for which padel is not an Olympic sport yet. However, the anticipation is that padel will soon be recognized on this global platform. Following is the one reason why padel is not classified as an Olympic sport.

One of the most prominent reasons why padel is not recognized as an Olympic sport is;  less than 60 male-side countries are known to have an association with the sport. As per Olympic requirements, a minimum of 75 male-side national federations should have a direct association with a sport to qualify for the Olympics.

Is Padel An Olympic Sport

4 requirements to qualify for the Olympics

For any sport to qualify for the Olympics, a set of requirements need to be fulfilled. Following are the 4 major aspects that any sport including padel must fulfill to qualify in the Summer Olympics.

  • Padel must have an official international federation that guides, regulates and ensures the ethical practice of the sport.
  • Padel and its participants must comply with the regulations of the World Anti-Doping Code.
  • A padel player cannot be physically aided by any form of mechanical equipment. That is, the Olympic regulation clearly states that a player cannot have any motor drive assistance while playing padel.
  • Last but not the least, in order to play padel at the Olympics, the sport has to be played by at least 75 countries with 4 continents belonging to the men’s category. Subsequently, when it comes to the women’s category, the sport must be played by 40 counties with at least 3 continents.

Padel’s international recognition

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has recognized padel as an international sport. This status was obtained on 13th September 2019. Therefore, the sport of padel is only a step away from being recognized as an Olympic tournament.

Padel tennis and its rising popularity in Dubai

Since the start of our business, our clientele has grown exponentially with more and more new players being onboarded everyday. This clearly shows the potential of the sport and the growing awareness among upcoming players. We encourage more young players to adapt to the sport due to its vast benefits.

Padel is more than just an engaging sport. Experts have suggested the physical and mental benefits that the game has towards young minds in particular. The fact that it’s a team sport, makes it even more indulging and exciting to play. Therefore, based on the rapid expansion of the sport, the idea of padel Olympics is not too far away.

Padel Olympics update

By when will padel become an Olympic sport?

As per our insights we believe that the sport of padel will be recognized as an Olympic sport, by late 2023. This is an optimistic view that we have based on all the facts that we have mentioned and other insights related to the sport.

Padel Olympics: A reality not too far

Based on the trajectory that padel has been going through, it is only a matter of time before the sport achieves its position in the Olympics. Three of four requirements have been fulfilled by the sport and the fourth clause is soon to be fulfilled. If you are interested in the sport of padel and are willing to play on a professional padel court, you can always join us at Padel Park Dubai.

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