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Differences Between Padel Tennis and Traditional Tennis

Traditional tennis is perhaps the most popular form of racket sports in the world. Having said that, Padel tennis is one that’s gaining substantial recognition and is growing popularity among sports enthusiasts. While there are several components that make these both sports seem relatively similar, they are vastly different. In this article, we elaborate on the tennis vs. padel differences and aspects that have contributed to the success of padel tennis.

Tennis vs padel sports

Tennis vs Padel: What makes these two sports different

Before we delve into the differences between these two sports, it’s essential to understand some basic elements that make them similar. The three most evident similarities between padel and tennis are the need for a racket, ball and net.

Apart from these, there are several other components which we discuss further that make tennis and padel different. Let’s find out what the major differences are between these sports from the points mentioned below.

  • Dimensions of the court
  • Style of playing
  • Equipment’s used in the sport

Dimensions of the court

A padel court size and a tennis court size is perhaps the most significant difference when it comes to tennis vs padel. Right off the bat, you will notice that a padel court is smaller than that of a traditional tennis court. The measurement of a padel court is 20 meters by 10 meters width.

On the other hand, a traditional tennis court measures a length of 23.77 meters with a width of 8.23 meters. The fact that a padel court is smaller in size compared to a tennis court means that the players of padel have less space for mobility. This makes the sport substantially intense and fast-paced.

Padel and Tennis differences

Style of playing

The method or format of playing padel varies from tennis. Padel is a duo sport, meaning that it is played in teams. On the other hand, traditional tennis can be played either in singles or doubles. Another notable difference when it comes to the style of playing tennis and padel is the approach to it.

Tennis is a defensive sport. You often notice that tennis players are positioned behind the baseline and depend on groundstrokes to score points. When it comes to padel tennis, the approach is different.

Padel players have an aggressive approach to their shots and placement. This is mainly to do with the nature of the sport and the smaller court size that it has. Players of padel often position their shots towards the net, attacking with force to build pressure over their opponents.

Equipment’s used in the sport

The equipment used in tennis and padel are quite similar, yet hold some differences. Let’s take a padel racket for example. The rackets used in padel are made of carbon fiber or fiberglass.

A padel racket head consists of holes to ensure easy maneuverability. Padel rackets also have a smaller dimension as compared to tennis rackets. When you look at a tennis racket, the head size is larger and the materials used to make it are composite or graphite.

Padel rackets are designed to deliver accurate shots, while tennis rackets are built for more powerful and impactful shots.

Padel vs Tennis sport

Padel ball vs. tennis ball

Moving on to the balls used across these two rackets sports, the ball used in padel is different from that used in tennis. While they might look similar, there are differences that lie within.

Padel balls are made of rubber and tend to have a lower bounce. This enables the player to maintain better control of the ball. In contrast, tennis balls are made by combining felt and rubber which gives it more elasticity, leading to higher bounce and spin.

There’s also a difference in the dimensions and weights of the ball. A tennis ball has a diameter measuring anywhere between 6.54 cm and 6.86 cm. Subsequently, a padel ball has a diameter between 6.35 cm and 6.77 cm. This clearly shows that a padel ball is smaller than a tennis ball.

A padel ball and tennis ball weigh the same with weights ranging between 56.0 grams to 59.4 grams. However, their pressure measurement varies, with padel balls having 11 psi of pressure and tennis balls having 14 psi of pressure.

Difference between Padel and tennis sport

What makes padel so famous?

The nature of playing padel is what makes it so popular. Padel is a fast paced sport and is played in teams. The sport has a social aspect to it and also offers several health benefits if practiced regularly. Many tennis enthusiasts have migrated to playing padel and have shared their experiences about enjoying the sport.

Padel is becoming popular rapidly and is already present in several countries. As one of UAE’s top padel court facilities, we have observed a sizable increase in the number of players entering into the sport.

Padel vs. tennis: Two distinct racket sports

We have provided you with an elaborate guide describing the differences between padel and tennis, to help you understand these racket sports in detail. For upcoming players in padel the opportunity to learn and refine your skills are plenty. We enable you to improve your experience of playing padel with experienced couches and state-of-the-art facilities.

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