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How to choose the best padel shoes

Padel is a fast-paced sport with sharp turns and jumps. You will have better results on the court with reduced risk of injury by using shoes that are tailored to the padel field of play.

padel shoes

If you buy good padel shoes, you can utilize them for pickleball games outdoors. Besides, they are also great for the first-time padel player. You do not have to worry about buying special trainers yet. Still, it is worth considering investing in a decent pair if you keep playing regularly.

Padel shoes vs tennis shoes

Why do you need padel shoes?

New balance padel shoes are designed specifically for this type of game and come with an anti-slip sole that helps you maintain your footing on the court and provides optimum grip when running around. The following are some of the reasons why you need padel shoes:

  • Provide a good grip on the court and make sure that you can move around easily
  • Protect your feet from injury
  • Help you maintain stability and balance
  • Offer excellent ankle support

Padel shoes vs tennis shoes

Tennis shoes are designed for playing tennis on hard courts, which are typically made out of asphalt or concrete. Padel shoes are designed for playing padel on clay courts, which have lower walls than traditional tennis courts.

Padel shoes have a narrower base with a higher arch to provide more stability when playing on clay courts. On the contrary, tennis shoes are wider with a lower arch because they do not need as much stability when playing on hard courts.

best padel shoes

Things to consider while choosing the best padel shoes

There are numerous factors to consider when finding the right pair of Padel shoes. We will highlight some of the essential factors below to make this process more transparent.

Grip matters

To play the Padel game properly, it is crucial to ensure you are using the right grip. The optimal grip is never too much or too little, as this would affect mobility and place undue stress on your knees and joints. Getting a good grip can be crucial during fast movements. A grip that is too tight may lead to injuries, and an excessively loose grip will take up time during fast movements.

To find the right grip, choosing soles based on the surface is best. Padel court surfaces can mainly be classified as either sand-based or non-sand based. Sand-based surfaces consist of a mixture of sand, clay, crushed stone and small rocks. On the other hand, courts with no visible sand are mainly made of ground copper grids that, together with gravel, provide the playing surface.

Comfort to play flawless

The wrong padel shoes can lead to fatigue, discomfort and other injuries. Make sure you choose a shoe type that is right for you and will allow you to play as long as possible.

Choosing the right kind of footwear will help you avoid getting blisters, cramps or calluses. It should be comfortable yet stable and allow you to do anything on the court.

Durability and quality

The new balance padel shoes‘ durability depends on your frequency of use. An excellent place to start is to grab a pair of resilient shoes that maintain their properties for extended periods.

Even if a shoe looks intact, it may no longer have enough cushioning. If your shoes provide inadequate support, this can lead to injury. In such cases, pay attention to quality.

When should you replace your padel shoes?

Padel shoes are a type of shoe that is typically used for playing the sport of padel. They are made from synthetic or leather materials and have a rubber sole.

The natural wear and tear of padel shoes can make them unsuitable for use at some point. When you notice the insoles starting to wear down, the stitching coming undone, or the soles getting thin, it may be time to replace your padel shoes.

Are running shoes recommended for playing the padel game?

There might be better options than running shoes for the padel game. They do not give enough grip and offer too little support and stability for your heel, especially in comparison to Padel shoes.

Wrap up

Wrap up

We recommend using new balance padel shoes to play the game. This is because you need a pair of shoes that can help prevent injury, as well as ones that provide excellent grip while you are turning and defending. Tennis shoes are often unsuited for padel because they do not have enough protection when taking fast pivots.

Padel shoes have a hard sole that is designed specifically for artificial grass, and it is meant to be a bit stiffer to allow for quick movement. When choosing padel shoes, it is important to consider things like comfort, cushioning, grip, stability, and durability.

No padel shoes are perfect for everyone and every occasion. You would need to try them out before deciding which one is best for you.

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