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7 Reasons Why Padel Should be Your Favorite Sport

Padel has been gaining much popularity lately, making it a top sports activity you can pick for weekends. Not only that but there are padel tournaments being held around the globe, which means it is a great time to enter the sport professionally as well. Whether you choose to play padel for fun or go professional, there are plenty of reasons why it should be your favorite sport.

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Mentioned-below are some of the top reasons why padel is becoming increasingly popular, and why you should play it:

  • Easy to learn
  • Simple and straightforward rules
  • An addictive adrenaline sport
  • Keeps you fit and is a good exercise
  • Builds mental strength
  • A socially engaging sport
  • It is a fast-growing sport

Easy to learn

For beginners, padel is an easy sport to learn. The pattern of playing the sport resembles that of tennis, but with padel you have the walls as part of the game as well. Having said that, when you grow as a player, and compete in the pro-level games the sport does get more competitive and challenging.

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Simple and straightforward rules

What is more important while learning a sport is to have simple and straightforward rules. Padel rules have been structured in a way where it makes it easy for players to understand, grasp and follow the rules. Moreover, beginners have shared their experience of picking up the rules within the first 20 minutes of playing it.

An addictive adrenaline sport

A healthy addiction is how you can describe the hobby of playing padel. Padel is addictive simply because it’s easy and fun to play. Anyone can play the sport of padel as it’s simpler than tennis and more exciting than badminton. These reasons make padel an adrenaline packed sport.

Keeps you fit and is a good exercise

Perhaps one of the most popular attributes about playing padel are its health benefits. All your body muscles are engaged while playing, and a good two hour session can boost your health and help you stay fit. Playing padel certainly helps you build good cardio, and lose those extra kilos. It’s a great way to stay fit and get in shape.

Builds mental strength

Another rising health benefit of playing padel tennis is building mental strength. You are not only engaging your body muscles but also your mind while playing padel. Playing in teams, helps you collaborate and constantly puts your mind to work out new strategies and tactics.

The practice of playing padel helps you reduce mental stress and frustration while helping you build mental health. It’s not just the people who want to improve their health, but people with good health can retain their physical and mental health by playing padel.

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A socially engaging sport

The social aspect of padel is what makes it popular among other racket sports. Being a team sport, you get to engage with different players, identify their skills and experience and learn new techniques of playing padel.

Joining a padel club in Dubai certainly gives you exposure to new people, making it an extremely fun and social place to play.

It is a fast growing sport

Padel has become increasingly known for being an engaging and fun sport to play. New players are learning the sport through padel coaching sessions offered by dedicated padel clubs. With the sport rapidly growing, it has now given players the opportunity to compete in international padel tournaments like Swedish Padel Open, Amsterdam Open and others.

Many renowned names from across the world have also taken up the sport as part of their routine. Celebrities like Neymar, David Beckham, Jay Shetty, Novak Djokovic are among the most famous people known to have endorsed the sport.

Play padel in Dubai

Padel clubs in Dubai offer great packages for people to enjoy the sport of padel. You can also learn the sport by opting for the coaching services available for different age categories. Now that you know the reasons to start playing padel and why you should add this sport to your list of favorites, all you need to do is find the right padel court and get started.

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